Rubber Backed Rugs On Hardwood Floors

Rubber-backed rugs are common to use at home due to their high durability and easy to use. Some days ago, my old friend meet me in the market and asked me that Rubber Backed Rugs On Hardwood Floors Are Safe?

Without taking the time, I answered him that No. The rubber-backed rugs can damage your hardwood floors. The latex and rubber backing are not a good choice.

How Do You Protect Hardwood Floors From Rubber rug Mats?

Different methods and techniques are available on the internet to prevent the wood from being damaged. I recommend Non-Slip pads to protect the hardwood floors. The pads not only protect but also provide comfort and cushion. You can get multiple benefits from a single rug pad.

What Type Of Rug Pad Is Safe For Hardwood Floors?

Well, different types and brands of rug pads are available in the market for hardwood flooring.

I Recommend Granville Deluxe Rug Pad

5 months ago, I bought a rubber backing rug for my bedroom hardwood flooring. After some time, the chemicals leave marks on the floor and discolor my floor.

After searching and searching, I found this protective area rugs pad with multiple benefits.

Things That I Love About Granville Deluxe Rug Pad

  • There are a considerable amount of things that I love about this carpet cushion, first of all, won’t leave blemishes on your floors.
  • It won’t leave buildup on your wood floor.
  • It doesn’t demolish your hardwood after some time
  • It will not stain your floor
  • It won’t scratch or harm your floor
  • It superior grade
  • It doesn’t cost a truckload of cash yet is great simultaneously
  • It has excellent elastic support that will not stain or harm your floor
  • It holds region floor coverings and rugs back from sliding
  • It doesn’t have a terrible smell
  • It doesn’t have a smell
  • It works even on regional carpets that are on high traffic regions
  • It is simple to utilize and simple to cut or manage
  • It is simple to clean, you can’t wash it yet you can detect clean it utilizing water
  • It adds cushion under rubber area rug on hardwood floors
  • It makes your region mats more comfortable
  • It makes your modest region carpets look more extravagant
  • It will likewise last you for quite a while because it is a major area of strength.
  • It is extraordinary for canines and felines that adore sleeping on a mat since it makes the regional rug more comfortable and gentler.
  • It is not difficult to resize, you can manage it utilizing scissors. You won’t require any exceptional devices to cut it.

Things That I Don’t Like About Granville Deluxe Rug Pad

It acts as a gripper under all rugs and stops moisture to reach the floors. The top-rated pad is popular for cushioning and avoiding discoloration underneath the rug.

To be honest, I have been using it for more than four months without any issue under rubber backing rugs. Consider this option for securing rugs.

However, with protection, it is durable and anti-fatigue.


How Much Does It Cost?

I bought this about four to five months ago.


Expensive things are valuable. It is not mean that the cheap things are not valuable, quality matters not money.

When I search for this rug pad, I feel that It is expensive. After thinking, I finally ordered. When I received and used it thought it was worth my money more than my expectations.

The material’s durability, soft texture, and easy-to-install feature are worth your every penny, and I promise that you never feel any regret buying this one.

Will These Rug Pads Work For Any Rug?

It is an amazing feature that they work under any type of rug and protects hardwood floors. You can use these rugs pads on hardwood floors under all rugs.

The rug pads help to protect from chemicals of rubber backing on expensive hardwood floors.

Why Are Rubber Backed Rugs Not Safe?

There are only two reasons that make latex-backed rugs and rubber-backed rugs unsafe for luxury hardwood floors.

The rubber backing damage hardwood floors and the chemicals in the rubber leave permanent marks on the hardwood.

The second reason is that the rubber-backed rugs damage or discolor the floor slowly. The natural rubber is somehow useable on wood. While synthetic rubber has many toxic chemicals.

Is Rubber Backed rug Safe For Pets?

Most pet owners always choose a synthetic rug. It is safe for pets and hardwood floors. Polypropylene, nylon, and polyester all are pet-friendly due to their easily washable features.

Is latex Or Rubber Backing Safe For Humans?

No, the rug with latex backing is not safe for humans and hardwood floors. The latex backing is toxic and carcinogenic for humans.

Avoid all toxic and VOC-containing carpets. It may cause some sort of big health issues in sensitive people.

Use non-slip and non-toxic material on any flooring to avoid permanent damage.

Does Rubber Rug Suitable For Those Who Have Children?

No, with hardwood damaging, it causes slipping when water accumulates under the rug.

When kids play on it they get serious injuries due to falling. The latex or rubber-backed rug damages your hardwood.

Rubber Backed Rugs On Hardwood Floors-Final Thoughts

The natural rubber-backed rug or latex backing is dangerous for hardwood floors. It damages the flooring badly with chemicals that release from rubber.

Synthetic rubber damage the floors more than natural rubber. The chemicals of natural rubber react with the chemicals of wood and will stain it.

Try to choose rugs without rubber for use on wood. The only solution is rug pads, they are non-slip and used to protect flooring from rubber rugs.

If you buy natural or latex rugs by mistake, a pad is one of the best ways to protect the surface from any harm. Before using any backing, read the description in a good manner way.

The natural rubber damage your hardwood flooring.