Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons

Pebble shower floors are a popular type of floor under the shower for antique design. Today I am discussing Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons.

Every type of floor has its qualities and drawbacks. For the shower, you need a safe flooring to avoid slipping. The pebble tile shower floor looks like stone.

From some distance, the pebble tiles look rough texture. In reality, it smooth natural flooring type for the bathroom.

Is Pebble Shower Floor a Good Idea?

I am discussing my personal experience with you to solve your confusion. In this article, you can all types of detailed information about pebble stone shower tiles.

I have been using EMSER Pebble Mesh Tile for the last 5 months in my bathroom.

Note that not all pebble shower floor tiles are safe. Some have a very rough surface and may harm your feet badly.

Reason To Recommend EMSER Pebble Mesh Tile

  • The first thing is that it is non-slip even when too much wet
  • It is installed easily
  • It is a mosaic pattern tile.
  • It is one of the best options as compared to porous concrete.
  • The designs are ideal to protect you from slipping under showers
  • It has a long lifespan, highly considered as a backsplash and around the shower.
  • The look is attractive and perfect for bathtub or shower pan
  • It helps to prevent slipping and bathroom accidents. Make sure to clean the tile regularly

Things That I Don’t like About EMSER Pebble Mesh Tile

The cons of this tile are they need proper cleaning. The tile accumulates dust and slippery materials quickly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The costs are low and reasonable. I promise that it is worth your money. I think it is the only tile that is cheap and has top-rated quality.


What Are The Pros Of Pebble Shower Floor?

The several pros of stone tiles agreed on me to use it.

Following are the pros

Beautiful completion-pros

Rock stone guarantees a naturalistic completion of your restroom, with a look looking like that of a characteristic waterway. If you are enthused about the characteristic vibe of your home and like effortlessness, the stone could be a decent choice.

Easy To Install

Is it true that you are the DIY sort of individual? It implies that the pebbles shower installation won’t be challenging for you. On the off chance that you gather the stone yourself from a riverbank, you will require an opportunity to accumulate every one of them. The following stage, fixing the rocks on the floor, additionally requires tolerance yet is easy.

Comfortable To Feet-pros

To enjoy the stones, try to use round stones because a more natural flooring provides more comfort. The slightly rough surfaces feel comfy.


Other fundamental supplies aside from the rocks are grout, sealer, and a few working devices. Don’t bother buying weighty and costly instruments like tile cutters. Thus, the expense of fixing the floor will be low.

It is an affordable and right choice for bathrooms. Installing a stone shower tile in the kitchen is also a trendy option.

Remedial impact

Strolling shoeless on stone natural tiles is an extremely sound practice. Like a back, rub invigorate different reflexogenic focuses on the bottoms of your feet. You don’t need to go out traveling to do that – you can partake in a foot knead each time you wash up.

Are stone shower floors agreeable? It relies upon the responsiveness level of your feet. Assuming that you appreciate strolling shoeless on stones outside, you will see the value in this sort of base.


Floors and water are not a decent mix. In any case, a few kinds of floors are more secure than others. A stone tile shower will guarantee a strong balance and forestall wounds. This is especially significant for youngsters and senior individuals.

It is non-slippery and naturally made unlike other porcelain and ceramic tiles.

High durability

Rock floors don’t break down or scratch without any problem. This sort of shower flooring won’t most likely ever be supplanted. Only a couple of minor fixes like reapplying sealant might be required at even intervals.

What Are The Cons Of Pebble Shower Floors?

Need high maintenance

Stone shower tiles cleaning isn’t generally so natural and quick as cleaning a tiled floor. You should clean it dry after each shower to guarantee its sturdiness. Cleaning too unforgiving with the floor can make the grout fall off and require regular fixes.

Experts are required to finish-Cons

If you don’t complete your shower stone flawlessly, you might manage water leaking through it. In time, the floor under will decay or disintegrate. Simultaneously, standing water could turn into a favorable place for shape and microbes.

Damage your feet-Cons

If you are not cautious to stay away from sharp stones on your floor, your feet will hurt. You might require wearing footwear while showering in the bathroom to stay away from uneasiness. If your feet are delicate, better settle on a level rock shower floor.

Water maintenance issues-Cons

Since the flooring will be lopsided, water could stick between individual rocks. Soil can amass there and shape can likewise create. Assuming that you make your rock floor, you must be exceptionally cautious about the tendency of the flooring and the course of action of the stones.


Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons-Final Thoughts

The main pros of stones are that they are available in a variety of shades to keep the interior matching. Note that they are difficult to maintain and make you uncomfortable if not cleaned.

You can consider non-slip natural pebbles as kitchen backsplashes. In contrast to concrete, porcelain, and ceramic options, pebbles are less expensive and have both pros and cons.

The beautiful pebble tiles are slip-resistant with easy installation.

Now, make your bathroom flooring resistant at a low cost. Everything has pros and cons. So, check the pros and cons before buying.

Pros, cons, and size are considered features for well-fitting around the shower pan before installing. The best thing is that it is a natural type of flooring that is easy to find for any bathroom with pros and cons.